Are you feeling frustrated or unseen by your partner?
  • Are you feeling that your partner is distracted by work, childcare, or social commitments that are pulling them away from you?
  • Are you arguing and unable to see each other’s perspective?
  • Are you feeling betrayed or let down by expectations not met?
  • Are you and your partner facing fertility, pregnancy, loss, or postpartum challenges?
  • Do you feel emotionally distanced and on the verge of separation?
  • Have infidelity, arguments, disconnection or addiction become part of your relationship?

Maybe it feels as though life’s responsibilities have pulled you apart and left so little time for you to connect anymore. You are beginning to forget what brought you together in the first place. All of these different feelings are not unusual when there has been broken trust, life transitions, career changes, aging parents to care for, health challenges, or just everyday life stressors that happen. Conflict with your partner is distressing.

There is Hope

You may feel like you are too busy to make the time for therapy. That it would be near impossible to find the time with the busy schedules of life getting in the way. You may feel that no amount of talking is going to take away the pain, frustration and disappointment you feel right now. That is understandable, it is hard to talk about the most intimate and private aspects of our relationships with someone outside of the relationship. But I am here to help. I am here to bear witness to the emotion and try to help you build communication skills that will assist you and your partner in truly hearing and seeing each other. I am here to support couples across all sexual orientations, racial, and cultural factors.

Let Yourself Be Heard

Couples therapy will help improve communication and conflict resolution skills, improve intimacy, and repair past hurts and betrayal. Sometimes couples come to therapy to navigate a more amicable and peaceful separation process. We will work together to deepen the emotional connection between partners on all levels by learning how to increase respect and have more positive interactions overall. I have a specialization in couples therapy as well as extensive clinical training and experience working with mixed sex and same-sex couples for many years, and I am here to help.

Some Concerns You May Have About Therapy

How could talking to a complete stranger help my relationship with my partner? Sometimes we need an unbiased, outside party to minimize the emotion and assist in finding a different perspective to the issues that have been rupturing the relationship thus far.

How can I find time to go to therapy when I am drowning in work, life at home, and kids’ schedules? Without question, it is difficult to carve out time for therapy. The truth is, it takes time and full commitment. It takes showing up and being present in your life. The bottom line is, if improving your relationship is important to you, you will make time. In our lives we make the time for other important things. Now it’s time for you as a couple to refocus on your relationship.

What is the point anyways, this relationship is too far gone? It is crucial to figure out where you both are in the relationship and how much you are willing to put in to make it work. Sometimes making it work is staying together and sometimes making it work is separating amicably and respectfully, especially when children are a part of the picture. Nothing is too far gone, it just might look differently than what we originally envisioned it to be.

I Am Here to Help

You do not need to go through this alone. Therapy is a worthwhile investment in your relationship so that you can be better supported for all that your life demands. If you would like an initial consultation, please call me today.


It’s time to invest in your relationship.


It’s time to invest in your relationship.



Invest in your relationship.

Dr. Dianne Kraaijvanger | Psychologist and Therapist | Wellesley MA


At DKK Psychological Services, I offer telehealth therapy for individuals, couples, and families. After our work together, you will have found a sense of relief and reconnection allowing you to live your best lifestyle yet. I embrace differences in age, race, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, socioeconomic status, and physical abilities.

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